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Parrish and Beasley inspecting plots

Pro Staffers Danny Beasley and Brent Parrish have that Cat that ate the canary look while inspecting a 3 week old Sweet Spot plot.  The amount of sign in the area has them anxious to get bow season underway.

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Brent Jones

I was born and raised in Aurora, Illinois and went off to College at the University of Iowa in 1984. While in Iowa I was exposed to hunting for the first time and quickly acquired a love for hunting and the outdoors. After graduating from Iowa I worked for a Grass Seed Company in Illinois before moving to Eastern Pennsylvania to become an International Seed Broker. In 2005 I moved to Southeastern Iowa with my wife and 2 children and began working for Grassland Oregon as a Sales Rep specializing in Forage and Wild Game Food Plot sales and research. Living in the heart of one of the best Whitetail Deer and Turkey hunting areas in the Country has been a dream. Hunting with my buddies and with my kids has been great and I know the best years are ahead of me. The research and development of Sweet Spot Wild Game Food Plot Mixture has been an enjoyable and rewarding part of my job with Grassland Oregon.

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Brent Parrish

I was born and raised in central Illinois. Not long after graduating from Illinois State University with a BS in Graphic Design, my career took me to South Eastern Iowa. My enthusiasm for the outdoors started at a very young age. My father started taking me fishing when I was old enough to walk, and introduced me to hunting at the age of eight. Now at the age of 32 I chase whitetails and turkeys in a number of states including Iowa and Illinois. I spend all 12 months of the year in the woods and the passion keeps growing. With two young children and an understanding wife, I have the great opportunity of passing on my knowledge of the outdoors to future generations. I truly feel my best hunting memories are still ahead of me in the field with my children.

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Danny Beasley

Growing up in South Eastern Iowa is a hunters dream. At the age of 12 I began deer and turkey hunting on the family farm. It didn’t take long for me to become a hunting addict, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I attended Indian Hills College in Iowa and studied Machine Technology. After school I decided to go back to my roots and began farming, raising cattle, and started my own construction business. When I’m not hunting or taking care of the farm, my time is spent with my wife and three children.

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Tommy Hunter

Family: Married to wife Judith for 13 years, Two children Lauren, 11, Devin, 9.
Occupation: Self employed. Associate Real Estate Broker, 8 years. Residential Developer, 4 years. Civil Engineer with Transportation Specialization, 15 years. Secretary of the Gwinnett County Water and Sewerage Authority.
Major Interests: Deer hunting, small game hunting, trout fishing, investment property, local politics.
I started planting food plots in 1987 in Morgan County, GA after meeting GA DNR Wildlife Biologist Kent Kammermeyer. Early plots were ryegrass and rye grain, planted by working ground with a garden tiller, but the effect on the deer was immediate. This led to a desire to become more familiar with planting for wildlife. Planted plots of cereal grains and clovers in Hancock County, GA from 1993 to 1995. Moved hunting location to Glascock County, GA (below the Fall Line) from 1996 to 2002 which allowed for the experience of growing high quality grains, clover, beans, and brassicas in soils ranging from nearly pure sand on the sandhills to waterlogged clays along the Ogeechee River. In 2002, purchased land in Madison County, GA, in the Piedmont. This has allowed for the moving from plotting for mainly hunting situations to year round experimentation with high quality plot seeds including high-sugar ryegrasses, cereal grains, brassicas, clovers, beans, peas, millets, sorghums, and corns.

Hunting Land: Currently own 170 acres in eastern Madison County, Georgia. Purchased in 2002 and under QDM guidelines since purchase. Approximately 16 acres in cultivated food plots. Also hunt 11,000 acres owned by various friends of crop and grass lands in northwestern Nebraska. Have managed under QDM since 2001