Sweet Silage™ High Sugar Grass Mix
for Silage NEW FORMULA FOR FALL 2016

The Sweet Silage mix combines three varieties of High Sugar Grasses, as well as red clover, to create a silage mix that is designed to enhance performance and reduce the overall cost of silage production, while increasing the environmental benefits compared with traditional silage mixes of either alfalfa or red clover.


40%AberEve HSG Tetraploid Intermediate Ryegrass
20%AberZeus HSG Perennial Ryegrass
20%AberGain HSG Perennial Ryegrass
10%FIXatioN Balansa Clover
10%Dynamite Red Clover


Planting Information

Planting rate:25 lbs. / acre
Product packaged in 50 lb. bags
Soil PH:5.5-8.5
Cold tolerancesZones 4- 7 find your zone
In climate zones lower than 4, SucraSEED may not overwinter. Persistence can be greatly increased if plants are insulated by a snow cover.
Heat tolerancesZones 4- 7 find your zone
In climate zones higher than 7, portions of the mix may perform as an annual. It may also be necessary to use Pasture Sweet'ner in the early fall.