Improve your dairy operation with Great Gains™ High Sugar Grass (HSG) pasture seed mixes.


Progressive dairy farmers throughout the Northwest, Midwest, Northeastern and Mid Atlantic regions, are turning to Great Gains High Sugar Grass pasture mixes.

This proven formula, beneficial for both Organic and non-organic farms, lets dairy farmers work with nature to improve the health and yield of their cows, pastures and dairy operations.

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Financial Rewards

  • Cows fed a High Sugar Grass diet have shown increases of up to 262 gallons more milk per cow annually.
  • Increased intake from grazing and extremely high forage yields means less reliance on higher-cost seed and food sources like corn.
  • Input costs are lower due to savings on herbicides and the reduced need for minerals, additives or lower quality (lignified) forage.
  • Extra forage yields can extend the grazing season and reduce winter feed costs.

Farmer Talk

"Our latest planting in a field that is usually a four feeding field has been extended to a five feeding field.  When the cows go into that field, they have been up in milk every time this grazing season."

Jon Banson, Double J Jerseys, Monmouth Oregon


Health and Nutrition

  • Dairy cows' preferance for HSG pastures leads to increased intake of up to 38%.
  • Grazing cattle on High Sugar Grass reduces the need for supplements.
  • High Sugar Grasses have been shown to increase protein conversion by at least 25%.
  • Energy levels are higher for cows fed on SucraSEED.


Pasture Improvement

  • Great Gains pastures will regenerate each year — even after difficult weather conditions.
  • High Sugar Grasses are extremely drought and cold tolerant.
  • The naturally quick growth rate of HSGs crowd out weeds and reduce the need for herbicides even on heavily grazed paddocks.
  • The increased sugar levels occur naturally, and do not require extra fertilizer.
  • SucraSEED mixes' rapid re-growth is extraordinary, delivering tremendous yields.



  • Great Gains creates highly-sustainable pastures.
  • Using HSGs reduces dependence on herbicides. It also reduces the need to supplement diets with high-energy intensive crops like corn and soybeans.
  • Cows grazed on Great Gains are shown to emit up to 24% less nitrogen in urine and feces.
  • Great Gains is non-GMO.