Improve the quality of your pastures,
and you'll improve the quality of your business.

Great farms start with great pastures. Great pastures begin with great grass seed. SucraSEED™ is the only pasture seed mix made from High-Sugar Grass (HSG), the same perennial ryegrasses that have been improving pastures and livestock production in Europe and New Zealand for more than a decade. High Sugar Grasses, found exclusively in the SucraSEED mixes, were developed for farmers wanting to get the most from their pastures.

The grasses’ high sugar reserves make lush, thick pastures that withstand hot, dry summers and biting, cold winters. It also gives them the extra energy to re-grow quickly after grazing and to crowd out weeds. Most importantly, though, HSGs are proven to increase livestock yields. Thats more milk, beefier cattle and larger sheep and goats.

Great Gains is now formulated for all ruminant animals!


Organic and Non-organic dairy farmers rely on SucraSEED to boost milk production throughout the year.


Progressive cattle operations throughout the US profit from SucraSEED High Sugar Grass pasture mix


Sheep, goats, llama and other ruminant livestock experience marked increases in stocking rates with Great Gains™.


Sweet Spot™ food plot mix delivers high levels of attraction and nutrition for deer and other game species.


Pasture Sweet’ner™ improves the forage quality of your current pasture for peak production.