The Science Behind SucraSEED

When grazed on ordinary grass, livestock cattle, dairy cows and sheep convert only about 20% of the available grass protein into milk and meat. The rest passes unused (along with nitrogen) in feces and urine. This low conversion rate is both inefficient and detrimental to the environment.

SucraSEED improves the conversion rate of grass proteins, allowing cattle, cows and sheep to add greater body mass and produce more milk while reducing the amount of waste nitrogen passed into the land (up to 24%). The secret of SucraSEED’s success lies in the quantity of water soluble carbohydrates (sugars) in the grass.

Rumen microbes use energy from sugars to convert grass protein into milk and meat. Because SucraSEED High Sugar Grasses (HSGs) contain significantly higher levels of water soluble carbohydrates (up to 50%) than ordinary grasses, livestock grazed on SucraSEED are able to convert protein much more efficiently.


In numerous trials of SucraSEED grass varieties, dairy, beef and lamb producers have experienced the following performance results:

  • Improved milk yield in dairy cows (up to 262 gallons more milk per cow)
  • Improved live weight gains in lambs and beef cattle (up to 33%)
  • Higher dry matter intakes (up to 38%/head per day)