Our Company

GoSeed is a progressive seed company based in Salem, Oregon, in the heart of the U.S. seed industry. We market turf, forage, and cover crops and specialize in innovative grass-seed mixtures blended specifically for grazing livestock. Established by several industry veterans in April 2000, GoSeed has quickly risen in the market as the company always on the watch for a new and more effective grass seed solution.

Our Mission

GoSeed is dedicated to providing superior-quality turf, forage, and cover crop products that reflect the latest advances in science and technology. In addition to offering traditional seed varieties, we search globally for the most effective seed solutions to fulfill unique and specific commercial and residential needs. We research the science behind each discovery and test every innovation for concrete results in an effort to bring new and exceptional products to the market – like drought-tolerant, winter-hearty lawns that require less mowing. And forage grasses that consistently boost milk and meat yields as well as profits.


Some of our achievements include:

  • GoSeed was among the first U.S. seed companies to develop hybrid bluegrass and hybrid brome.
  • GoSeed Crown Royale orchardgrass variety has taken first place in forage trials conducted in British Columbia, Washington, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.
  • GoSeed owns exclusive domestic marketing rights for the High Sugar Grass seeds developed by IGER and used in SucraSEED